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The importance of designing with health in mind for an office

As we learn more about the impact of interior design on health, architects, contractors and designers have been altering their projects. Contract Design Magazine reported that Americans on average spend 90 percent of their time indoors. As a result, it is crucial that these spaces are designed with our health in mind. There's a growing focus on promoting good health with proper design, which can include ensuring natural light is present in a space and the compositional use of healthy building products.

Incorporating natural light in office spaces
Various organizations, like the Illuminating Engineers Society of North America, have set a minimum level of footcandles appropriate for a work surface in an open office environment at 30 fc, with a maximum recommended level at 50 fc, according to the source. This standard is often considered the bare minimum by those who support healthy lighting practices. 

Light impacts human health and performance in four main mechanisms, according to Health Design Magazine, including:

  • Boosting performance on visual tasks
  • Controlling the body's circadian system
  • Impacting mood and perception
  • Facilitating the appropriate absorption of critical chemical reactions with the body

Improper lighting in an office space can create a number of health issues for a worker. Eye strain, fatigue and headaches are all common, as well as sleep disorders and dementia, reported Control Design. Studies have been and are currently being conducted on how to build better office spaces in terms of allowing the most natural light in a business without negatively impacting productivity. 

Incorporating healthy materials in office spaces
The inclusion of healthy materials in the office is another crucial component to designing positive structures. By including SCULPTCOR® by ASST, an office space will feature healthy building materials that are also aesthetically pleasing. The patented thermoformed architectural wall panel system is fabricated from a non-porous, durable, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surface. The material is both durable and sustainable because it will not negatively impact the health of workers who spend a considerable amount of time in a space. SCULPTCOR can be used in a variety of project applications for an office space, such as wall panels, column covers, retail facades, elevator cladding, casework, ceiling panels and furniture. Complete Autodesk 3D REVIT file and 2D standard details and specifications are available for download to those who wish to see how the solution can be incorporated into a space.

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