Month: August 2021

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Inova Loudon Hospital

What does it take to successfully manage the millwork package for a $200M+ healthcare project? There is no single ingredient that defines a successful large millwork project. The overall process has to be complete and well-defined. From initial contract to project completion, there are many steps in between. These steps will define whether the project is successful or not.

Hershey Children’s Hospital

Have you ever received a submittal and asked yourself “is this company looking at the right specifications”? Have you ever received shop drawings and wondered “do these people even know what an AWI standard is”? Every General Contractor has been in a situation where they have received shop drawings for approval and the casework is on the wrong side of a wall or something similar.

Reading Hospital

On every large project, the schedule is one of the most difficult things to control for a project manager. It can be difficult to fabricate when the time between field measuring and installation is compressed. When this is not planned correctly other trades can get pushed as well as occupancy deadlines. What happens when your millworker cannot meet the deadline for completed installation?

United Therapeutics

At ASST, our process for success is well-defined and is continuously reviewed. We have a team of Submittal Coordinators that will push to get approvals back in a timely manner. Our Project Planners have the right tools for field measuring and handle site verification. They handle machine programming and fabrication scheduling. Our Project Managers have decades of experience and the ability to handle dynamic environments. Our shops are set up to handle the most unique custom projects as well as very large high capacity projects. All of our employees have the tenacity to be successful.