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About ASST

ASST Beyond Surface Level Solutions is an award-winning solid surface fabricator, manufacturer and product designer. As an industry leader, we specialize in complex solid surface fabrication and full architectural casework packages for the health care industry.

Our work spans a variety of markets from health care to education, retail and and corporate / public space. Known for our innovative, patented thermoforming technologies and product designs, ASST takes on project challenges others avoid. We bring to the table a passion for excellence to go beyond and to build what some initially thought was impossible. Since our founding in 1998, ASST has developed an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects with high-profile contractors, architects, interior designers, and end users.

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Our Products

ASST designs and manufactures its own line of product solutions for specification by the architecture & design industry. We have developed these products to address the specific needs of our customers and have developed our own unique patented technologies to create these designs.

Cradle Baby Bathing Bowl for Hospital Delivery Rooms
Cradle™ Baby Bathing Bowl
Matchline™ Stainless Sinks - Seamless Stainless Sinks For Solid Surface Countertops
Matchline™ Stainless Sinks
Modular Vanity™ System - Solid Surface Wall-Hung Modular Vanities for Hospitals, Universities, and Other High-Traffic Public Restrooms
Modular Vanity™ System


Modify™ Adjustable Sink - Adjustable Seamless Solid Surface Sink
Modify™ Adjustable Sink
Sculptcor® - Textured Thermoformed Panels for Walls, Ceilings, Furniture, and More
Sculptcor® Textured Surfaces


Latest News From the A.S.S.T. Blog

We are pleased to announce that A.S.S.T. has been named the 2014 Fabricator of the Year by the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) in Atlanta yesterday.  Every year ISFA recognizes a fabricator for outstanding contributions made to the surfacing industry and having an in-depth work portfolio. It takes a talented team to be recognized for an award like this and we have a terrific team here at A.S.S.T. that is Going Beyond™ every day and making great things happen!

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