Month: March 2018

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Childrens National Medical Center - solid surface interiorProper care for solid surface should always follow the guidelines set by each individual manufacturer. Manufacturers have their own recommendations. Follow these guidelines to avoid incorrect cleaning procedures that could potentially void a warranty. It is also important to first identify the specific finish level that was applied to the solid surface before you start any cleaning procedures.

Commercial facility maintenance crews may not realize that determining the finish level is the most critical part of the cleaning process. Solid surface can be finished to four different sheen levels: matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss. Each finish level has specific requirements for care. Matte finish is the most popular because it has a low sheen and requires the least maintenance. Satin requires a bit more care and semi-gloss and gloss require a certified fabricator to maintain the finish. If manufacturer guidelines are not followed by facility maintenance personnel, costly refinishing may be required by a certified solid surface fabricator to correct the problem.

ASST takes the maintenance of our solid surface product seriously. We supply manufacturer maintenance recommendations to all customers to ensure clear communication with regard to specific product care. As a general guideline, regular daily cleaning can be done with warm soapy water, ammonia-based household cleaner, or a dedicated countertop cleaner. Be sure to use a soft cloth lint free cloth especially for semi-gloss and gloss finishes. To prevent hard water marks, rinse and wipe completely dry after cleaning; clean up spills before they dry. To remove hard water marks, use a product formulated for this task. Lime-A-Way is one such product that can remove these stains. For disinfecting surfaces, diluted bleach (5 Tbsp. of bleach to 1 gallon of water) is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for disinfecting surfaces. Removing blotchy appearance or fine scratches can be achieved with an non-abrasive cleanser such as Softscrub with a wet sponge, buffing in a circular motion. Semi-gloss and gloss finishes can be cleaned with liquid soap and water. A white Scotch-brite pad can be used to remove stains using circular motions. Semi–gloss and gloss finishes however may require a certified fabricator to remove serious scratches and whirl marks. Remember that working with a certified fabricator like ASST means having access to experienced professionals who will assist in keeping your solid surface investment looking great!

First impressions always count. Be sure to call us for your next project! Whatever you need, ASST can build it to the exact specifications, in a safe manner and to the finest quality standards you expect. Contact us now online or call us at 717-630-1251.

20 Years


We started this journey in a warehouse in Hanover, Pennsylvania, doing small solid surface countertop projects. Today, we are located in a 70,000 SF facility with state-of-the-art equipment and ship our unique fabrication work across the country and around the globe. The fabrication industry has changed dramatically since we started. ASST has consistently worked hard to stay ahead of the competition with the latest technologies and proprietary methods. We are fortunate to work with some of the top Contractors and Architectural Professionals in the country. Our employees are our most valuable asset and we would not be where we are today without them.

We look forward to Going Beyond™ for the next twenty!

Over the next three months we will be rewinding the past with some highlights of our history to date. Below are the first five years:

Timeline of ASST's first five years

Solid Surface CaseworkSolid surface countertops and vertical surfaces continue to be popular when durability and maintenance are a high priority. It is only natural that design professionals and end users alike now want that durability in casework. Healthcare and public spaces require solid surface fixtures that can withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Design professionals have found though that specifying casework with solid surface can be a budget balancing act. Solid surface seems to be a “value engineering” item even on large healthcare projects. Although solid surface countertops may remain on a project, the end result unfortunately is that the actual cabinet is changed to a plastic laminate surface.

Thankfully solid surface manufacturers today are continuing to innovate. For example, Avonite ® Surfaces manufacturers an 1/8” “skin” material that can be wrapped around casework boxes made with FSC certified wood fiber materials. Suitable for only vertical applications, these “skins” provide enhanced performance and help with infection control when used in healthcare settings. We have found value in providing a more innovative comprehensive solution for our customers. ASST has now partnered with TMI Systems Corporation as a dealer for their line of casework. Based in North Dakota, TMI is a leader in quality casework fabrication. They are an excellent reputable resource and ASST looks forward to working with them on many future projects. With this new alliance, ASST can perform work with wood veneers, plastic laminate, Trespa®, stone, metal, glass as well as all brands of solid surface and resin plastic materials. Our innovative team of estimators, planners and project managers collaborate and deliver project results in a way few competitors can. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

First impressions always count. Be sure to call us for your next solid surface casework project! Whatever you need, ASST can build it to the exact specifications, in a safe manner and to the finest quality standards you expect. Contact us now online or call us at 717-630-1251.

Retail Solid Surface FixtureWe have all heard the similar phrase “leading edge” or “cutting edge.” What does “bleeding edge” imply? The risk and uncertainty of being an innovator can certainly have it’s downside. Conversely the reward can be found in the competitive advantages gained in the marketplace. This has certainly been true in the world of design and construction. Architects who embrace 3D BIM modeling early are seeing their practices grow. Solid surface fabricators who also invested in 5 axis CNC machining technologies are also experiencing growth. BIM software and 5 axis CNC machining technologies together help to drive efficiency and accuracy when utilized as part of a well planned project SOP process. Together with a great technical team, the sky’s the limit to what can actually be achieved.

Design professionals are embracing 3D technologies at a rapid pace and are requiring building professionals to do the same. Unfortunately some solid surface fabricators have been slow to adapt to these changes. 5 axis CNC machining requires programming software such as Solidworks®. Fabricators who have ignored these opportunities have forfeited greater business advancement.

There is a degree of risk in being an innovator on the bleeding edge. ASST values and embraces technological change in order to serve our customers effectively. As an early adopter of CNC machining technologies, ASST today has two 3 axis CNC machines as well as a 5 axis CNC. These investments have proven wise in the project opportunities they have brought and the professionals who have sought to work with us. Our employees have a depth of knowledge with programming software and CNC machining solid surface. The quest to look for better ways to serve our customers will always continue!

First impressions always count. Be sure to call us for your next bleeding edge project! Whatever you need, ASST can build it to the exact specifications, in a safe manner and to the finest quality standards you expect. Contact us now online or call us at 717-630-1251.

LED Backlight Thermoformed Solid Surface Trade Show BoothLighting and wall surfaces make a huge impact on interior spaces and can support a brand message. Design professionals are becoming increasingly involved in strategies that incorporate branding. Durable solid surface materials can be thermoformed, CNC machined, and backlighted to create a variety of dramatic effects. Translucent solid surface can be backlighted with LED panels and light controllers. A programmed display of color images promoting a brand can be run continuously in a loop. The opportunities are endless for stunning aesthetics.

Design professionals are responsible for how interior spaces look. Often how lighting is implemented to achieve an aesthetic is confusing, especially backlighting. Backlighting evenly is one of the real challenges of achieving a branded aesthetic. The distance behind a solid surface panel is critical to prevent hotspots and shadow lines. Requesting a mockup from the fabricator is in most cases required to evaluate the correct distance. Undesirable shadows can also be cast around CNC machined logo corners, and curved areas if not properly masked from behind. LED lighting is the best choice for most backlighted applications and reduces maintenance and power consumption. Contracting fabricators with firsthand knowledge and experience with backlighting architectural surfaces is essential to achieving desirable branded looks for the client image.

ASST has the depth of knowledge and experience to address the technical challenges. Our team of expert project managers and technical staff have a unique perspective having worked on hundreds of backlighted projects. We can share past relevant project experiences and case studies guiding you through the entire process. We love assisting customers and making their vision real!

First impressions always count. Be sure to call us for your next backlighted solid surface project! Whatever you need, ASST can build it to the exact specifications, in a safe manner and to the finest quality standards you expect. Contact us now online or call us at 717-630-1251.

Solid surface interior of NYC doctor's officeDurability and value are words that continue to resonate with design professionals and customers alike. Future proofing is a recent buzz phrase that describes a product, service or technological system that will not need to be significantly updated in the future. This is extremely relevant for healthcare design in particular. The selection of materials for healthcare projects are a large part of the future success of a building as it ages.

One of the past truths about healthcare design was that hospital buildings had a lifespan of 50 years. This means that after about 50 years, the cost of ongoing renovation to a facility equals or surpasses the cost of a full replacement building. Hospital construction can take more than 10 years from planning and design to construction and occupancy. Design professionals’ material choices can be proven to be incorrect even before the first patient ever arrives.

Past experience has shown that the long term life cycle benefits of solid surface provide a better value over other materials. ASST has worked on numerous large healthcare system projects throughout the United States. We can share experiences and knowledge to assist professionals during the design development phase. The goal of healthcare is to heal and to encourage smarter choices for the creation of supportive healing environments.

ASST is uniquely positioned to fulfill all aspects of your project. Whatever you need, ASST can build it to the exact specifications, in a safe manner and to the finest quality standards you expect. Even our EMR safety rating is outstanding at .793! We look forward to Going Beyond to address your exciting project challenges. Contact us now online or call us at 717-630-1251.

These forms were shaped using our 5Axis CNC machine. They will be used to thermoform twists in solid surface material.

At ASST we are Going Beyond