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The importance of an impressive office lobby

The corporate lobby is the front of a business and is an important element to the reputation of any organization. According to Buildings.com, an online contractor magazine, if your lobby is outdated or looks tired, it could impact your business. Clients who show up for meetings or potential employees are going to judge the quality of your operations and the corporate culture by the look and feel of a lobby. As a result, it is important to ensure that this space is impressive, practical and sends the right message.

"Your lobby is your front door – it's the first and last impression for your employees, tenants, and their customers," explains Charles McClafferty, chief operating officer with Sage Realty Corporation in New York City, according to the news source.

The Economic Times reported that a lobby should incorporate the right blend of materials, practical and personality. The space should catch the eye of a visitor, but it shouldn't be so filled with personality that the lobby is shocking or insults potential clients or partners.

For most businesses, the lobby should be reflective of the goals of the brand. "Which style you emulate depends on your business goals," said Mark Stumer, principal of Mojo Stumer Associates, according to the news source. "What kind of tenants are you trying to attract? Or are you hoping to appeal to existing ones? If you're looking for corporate clients, you want a traditional lobby look. If you hope to attract a young company, like a Google or an Apple, then you may go with a more creative feel."

Both types of office lobby spaces might benefit from a wall panel system that is both professional, yet visually stimulating. SCULPTCOR® by ASST is a thermoformed architectural wall panel system that can offer the right blend of durability and beauty. The wall panels are available in three standard patterns. This durable and easy to clean solid surface system is a highly practical solution and has been used in DuPont's corporate offices in Wilmington, Delaware. As an ideal solution for both new and renovation properties, the wall panel system is easily incorporated into almost any space and it can quickly transform a simple, outdated area into a one-of-a-kind space.

"You want to keep your lobby upgrades in line with your building's existing architecture, particularly with respect to a historical property," adds Scott Spector, principal for the design firm Spector Group, according to Buildings. "There are easy ways to blend in new and modern trends without being at odds with the original design."

Branding experts recommend that business leaders keep in mind the classic design elements. Using overly trendy features throughout the space will date the design in just a few years. However, a mix of modern and classic will allow the space to remain fresh.

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