Custom retail fixture designs are in style

Consumers are more careful with their money than every before as a result of the Great Recession. For retail brands, this has meant a decline in purchases in brick-and-mortar locations. However, as the economy has improved, people are once again looking through and purchasing materials at their local stores. 

Yet, the retailers that are doing the best in the business are those that offer more than racks upon racks of items for purchase. Retail brands that have put thought into the interior design of a store are seeing more customers walk through the door. As a result, many organizations are focusing their attention on designing an interior space that fits the brand, is functional and stylish. Because modern styles are constantly changing, there are a few design trends that are current and some that are constant. Here are a few of the recent fads in retail design and how they can be incorporated for the long or short term and which ones are versatile and durable enough to stand the test of time.

Custom retail design fixtures
Shop owners are placing their premier merchandise on custom-built displays. According to Rehab Retail Design, many stores are looking to include these custom pieces because they highlight the products that are on trend or recently shipped to the store. However, displays are more than simple pieces of furniture – they need to be adaptable and, if possible, built to express the brand. 

Displays should be located where people naturally gravitate when they first enter a space. The source recommends placing key retail design fixtures in these spaces to attract the attention of customers and encourage people to stop and peruse the products. After all, it's important to encourage people to look throughout the store so that they are getting a chance to view all of the available merchandise, but not so long that the store is crowded and the turnover rate suffers. 

Create a path for customers to follow
When customers walk into a store, they often want to follow a direct path that leads them to the greatest amount of merchandise on display. A retail owner can better distribute people to the items of greatest value of purchase potential by creating custom flow paths. Using displays, walls and other pieces of furniture creatively will boost a retailer's chance of grabbing the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to take a look at the merchandise. 

Rehab Retail Design reported that interior designers need to be wary of accidentally creating a bottleneck in any location. The cash register should not be within easy view of the exit because then customers may leave the store without making a purchase once they are tired of waiting in line for a register. In addition, it's important that the lines for the registers are not blocking other customers from the merchandise. 

Incorporate the right combination of material solutions
For retailers looking to create a unique space, there is a need for durable, aesthetically pleasing features. SCULPTCOR™ by ASST provides a patented thermoformed architectural wall panel system that is versatile and durable. A retail owner will be able to create a much more unique space with the units because they come in a wide range of finishes. Consider using the wall panels as a statement piece in a store or to direct customers to the right display. The options are endless with the right solutions put in place. 

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