The changing trends in mall design

Malls represent different things to different generations. As teens hang out at the food court, mothers are trying to get all of their shopping done for the day in one convenient stop. However, with the advancement and growing popularity of online shopping takes off, malls are seeing the number of visitors walking through their doors slightly decrease.

Importance of creating a memorable shopping experience
Despite this, sales are holding strong because those that are heading to the mall have a shopping plan of action in mind typically. Businesses are creating retail spaces that attract buyers who are looking for a particular experience that is not possible to attain online, reported QSR Magazine. However, that's not the case for smaller retail chains that are adapting to changing consumer trends.

Restaurants and other mall dining establishments that are doing well often create a unique experience for diners to appreciate. According to International Council of Shopping Centers spokesman Jesse Tron the focus is creating restaurants that feature entertainment as part of their integral offerings.

Malls attract people to spend considerable time in one place. As a result, people get hungry and start to looking for a place to eat. The restaurants that are doing better in malls and other large shopping venues are those that encourage people to spend time off their feet and enjoy a unique experience.

Creating mall dining establishments
Malls Owners and management companies are beginning to turn traditional food courts into more centralized, eye-catching spaces. Tron told QSR Magazine that malls are beginning to create more comfortable food courts that encourage people to spend more time. Personal spaces with greater privacy, comfortable seating and beautiful works of art are being included in the design concept. A focus on creating visually stimulating spaces will encourage visitors to spend a more time shopping.

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