Design versus compliance: Can you accomplish both?

For hotel executives seeking to garner a positive reaction from guests there are more than a few things to consider. What technologies are offered and how soothing is the decor are considerations often at the forefront of everyone's mind, reports Metropolis Magazine. However, ever since the latest revision of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), architects who specialize in designing hotels must make sure that every person can enjoy the wonders of their creations. 

Hotel Executive reports that ensuring that even disabled patrons can use hotel facilities and accommodations is especially crucial – not only on a customer service level, but also because the U.S. Department of Justice has been cracking down on ADA violations and scrutinizing hotels. 

When it comes time to renovate or build surface solutions, ASST has the design solutions. For bathrooms, one of the hardest spaces to make ADA compliant, ASST's Modular Vanity System offers the right combination of beauty and practicality. The vanities are highly durable and constructed with a stout polyethylene frame and then covered with an attractive, but tough, solid surface, which is nonporous and discourages the growth of mildew, mold and fungi. This combination of features allows the vanities to not only appear aesthetically pleasing in multiple finishes, but also remain practical for public spaces.

The vanities are wall hung, which decreases wear and tear and allows those who are using wheelchairs or other devices to still get close enough to the sink and other surfaces. For more information on the ASST Modular Vanity System, please visit www.asst.com

As architects and hotel professionals look into renovating or designing a new hospitality space, it's important to consider and weigh design versus compliance options. However, not all choices have to be either or. With the right answer, a designer can achieve the look and feel he or she wants without negatively impacting ADA compliance regulations. 

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