Design restaurants with the food in mind

Restaurant designers are working hard to incorporate new elements into their spaces, mainly the food. Metropolis Magazine reported that designers who specialize in creating unique restaurant spaces are focusing on using materials and elements that draw directly from the type of food that is being served at the establishment. 

Designing with food in mind
According to Alessandro Munge, a partner with Sai Leung in the Toronto-based studio Munge Leung, restaurant design is dependent upon pairing the plates with the place.

"When that dish hits the table, your enjoyment of that dish also depends on what you sit on and what the table is made of," he said. "It's not just about the food."  

Interior designers are taking inspiration from their local communities and the dishes served in a restaurant to create a unique space. The harmony between dish, place and location is a growing phenomena in urban environments as contractors, architects and designers look for the next great thing in interior design. 

Incorporating durable materials in restaurant design
If an interior designer is looking to incorporate the trend of using elements from the dishes and location of the restaurant in the space, he or she may want to consider using a versatile material that is durable. ASST helps restaurant owners and designers incorporate the right blend of materials to create a modern space with SCULPTCOR®. ASST recently finished the Macy's flagship Herald Square New York City location with a new luxury Italian restaurant, Stella 34 Trattoria. ASST performed the fabrication & installation of SCULPTCOR, with curved thermoformed solid surface upholstered seating booths and walnut millwork waiter stations throughout the new restaurant. Create a unique, modern dining experience by using the right blend of materials. 

The flexibility of SCULPTCOR allows it to be used in a wide range of spaces. Use the fabricated wall panel system to create enclosed enclaves for guests' privacy so that those dining together can be buffered from the sights and sounds of the restaurant and better enjoy each other's company. A textured and colored wall installation can work as a statement wall in a space and set the mood for the rest of the interior design. The aesthetic options are endless with the use of a versatile wall panel solution like SCULPTCOR. 

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