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Create a unique bar and restaurant experience with exceptional interior design

Creating a unique bar and restaurant experience should be a primary goal for business owners. Having a bar or restaurant establishment that creates an entire experience for diners is exceptionally important as competition gets fierce for customers. According to the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics, the average American family spent $2,505 at restaurants in 2010. On average, consumers spend about $1.7 billion every year in restaurants and bars.

The National Restaurant Association reported that Americans spend about 46 percent of their food dollar on food not prepared inside the home, which adds up to about $2,400 spent annually in restaurants for the typical family.

Gaining a chunk of all of those dollars may depend largely on whether a dining establishment provides more than a simple meal and beverage. Restaurants and bars will not only have to prepare food and drink that is appealing to its market, but also help create an atmosphere that customers desire. 

Restaurants work to promote upscale atmospheres
Restaurant owners across the nation are working hard to promote their establishments as local hotspots. In some areas of the country, this effort is much more difficult just because of the shear number of people and dining establishments trying to serve everyone. However, some places are standing out because they are bring something unique to the table, so to speak. Contract Design Magazine reported that Jelsomino, a Manhattan club, offers customers a fun-filled evening of karaoke unlike any other. The upscale environment of the club and stand-out stage makes this place unique even in a city like New York. The speakeasy feel of the club is nothing in comparison to the high-quality materials coating the place in splendor. Even the most functional piece of equipment is stylish. And that same desire for flair goes into everything, including hiring wait staff who are professional singers and able to help someone on the karaoke stage belt out a tune at $30 a song. 

The speakeasy environment of the club may not be very unique or modern, but the restaurant owner isn't trying to reinvent the wheel. According to the news source, the club's interior design is more intended to promote a total immersion into the culture of a speakeasy during the roaring 20s. 

Create exceptional spaces using quality materials
By using the right combination of materials, a restaurant owner will be better able to promote the creation of a unique space to attract customers again and again. ASST specializes in the fabrication of premium solid surface and translucent resin materials that are able to create modern, sleek environments for a restaurant and public space. While some restaurant owners like to create an atmosphere that revolves around the past, it's also easy to create a futuristic and modern space with the right material choices that are intended to last and increase the value of the property. 

SCULPTCOR® by ASST is a patented thermoformed architectural wall panel system that is built with beauty and function in mind. The system is fabricated from a non-porous, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surface that is ideal for a restaurant to use. The material can be used for wall panels, column covers, retail facades, elevator cladding, casework, ceiling panels and furniture. As a result, it offers the right blend of flexibility and statement for a restaurant looking to create an impression on diners. 

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