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Solid Surface Millwork – There Is No Money Tree

Your customer wants millwork that is within budget, will last until the end of the earth, is functional, and looks like Gio Ponti designed it. Meeting one of these requirements can be difficult. Trying to meet all of these requirements can be downright daunting. You may as well quit your job and plan your retirement based on that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Creating a great design, with a product that is durable, made with sustainable materials and in budget is a problem that all architects and general contractors face on a daily basis. We would all like to work for that customer who has a money tree on top of their 200 hundred story world headquarters and writes us blank checks. The reality is that our customers are looking to get the most for what they are spending; using renewable materials that are aesthetically pleasing.

At ASST we have 20 years of experience value engineering projects with sustainable materials. We understand that all projects have a budget, need to be durable and need to be functional. We have worked with most solid surfaces and understand how to implement function and form.

ASST is uniquely positioned to fulfill all aspects of your project.  Whatever you need, ASST can build it to the exact specifications you require and the finest quality standards you expect. Contact us now online or call us at 717-630-1251.

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