The development of the patient room

The modern development of the patient room is pushing design boundaries. Hospital operators are investing in new research to identify the interior design factors that can impact the health and mood of patients. Metropolis Magazine reported that there is a collaboration going on between contractors, medical professionals and interior designers to develop the best in patient room design. 

Creating patient rooms with private and public space qualities
Developing spaces that are inclusive and meet the needs of patients and medical personnel is growing in importance. Unlike the dorm-like appearance of previous hospitals, newer renditions are using much more usage of public and private space. Collaborators on a project found that too often medical rooms are not created with the mental health of the patient in mind. Spaces that are made to boost positive feelings with the use of natural light and privacy areas are often less usable for medical personnel who need to get in intensive care areas. 

Using unique materials in patient room design
The Patient Room 2020 was a collaborative design effort to explore next-generation inpatient care that took a look at patient and caregiver experiences. Corian Design Studio and DuPont worked together to develop a prototype room that used unique materials and layout to promote better care giving.

The use of Corian was a primary component of the room's design, according to the news source.

"Corian has unique abilities to be thermoformed and shaped," designer David Ruthven told the news source. "It's nonporous. And because everything is seamless and sanded, there aren't any places where mold or bacteria can flourish. It's easy for staff to keep clean. All this minimizes the spread of infection. Hospitals are places where people are supposed to heal. They shouldn't have to worry about getting sicker while they're there." 

Incorporating the right material solutions
At ASST, we have developed comprehensive material solutions for the healthcare industry. Our full package of products provide architects charged with creating functional, yet aesthetically pleasing patient rooms the right solutions.

Listed below are a few of the design materials we offer healthcare clients:

• Full package Division 6 casework
• OR paneling
• Trespa™ wall panels
• Toilet partitions
• SCULPTCOR® wall panel system
• Modular Vanity™ System
• MatchLine™ Stainless Sinks
• Cradle™ Baby Bowl

Options like the Modular Vanity system are constructed out of a stout polyethylene frame and covered with tough, durable Corian. As Ruthven told the news source, the material is nonporous and discourages the growth of mold, mildew or fungus, which reduces the risk of spreading illnesses. 

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