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Keeping family in mind when designing healthcare facilities

Patients and caregivers are hardly the only ones spending a considerable amount of time in healthcare facilities. Family members and friends gathering in a hospital room is a common image in media, but it is also a very real situation for many. Families of a patient can spend days at a time at a hospital and after sitting on uncomfortable chairs built to accommodate no one with comfort, finding little privacy to talk or grieve and sitting in a sterile environment devoid of personality, anyone would feel worse for wear. 

Hospitals designed to accommodate families and  friends
Interior designers, architects and other professionals in charge of creating hospital spaces should consider the family when building or renovating a healthcare structure. Improvements in accommodations can drastically improve people's outlook during a time that is most likely already filled with stress. 

Healthcare Design Magazine reported that in India, which prides itself on its family and community-oriented lifestyle, medical centers are designed with the understanding that patients will be arriving with multiple family members who become part of their care team. As a result, architects make sure that every space, from the foyer to the patients' rooms, are designed for comfort and include soothing features. 

"As part of the design process, we thought of the design of all the public spaces as being underpinned by this notion of community," said Mark Erdly, principal, Cannon Design, according to the news source. 

How ASST can help design strong healthcare facilities
Hospitals and other medical centers looking to help promote comfort and community in a facility should consider including a number of high-quality, durable solutions. Comfort in a healthcare facility must be tempered with practicality. At ASST, we have more than a few solutions for constructing a high-quality center that includes expertly crafted furniture and wall panels.

Listed below are just a few of the design solutions we offer our healthcare clients:

• Full package Division 6 casework (available in a variety of materials)
• OR paneling
• Trespa™ wall panels
• Toilet partitions
• SCULPTCOR®  wall panel system (with hard seam joints)
• Modular Vanity™ System
• MatchLine™ Stainless Sinks
• Cradle™ Baby Bowl

ASST offers a comprehensive listing of quality solutions for healthcare facilities. If you're looking for more information, visit www.asst.com or contact ASST architectural support 717.630.1251 x305. 

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