Game changing design trends for patient rooms

The development of patient room design is demonstrating the power of the creative process and how contractors and medical professionals are trying to make an adaptive space that will serve future needs. Building Design + Construction reported that the boom in outpatient facility construction is not slowing down any time soon and the spaces are becoming increasingly complex.

"In the early 1990s, outpatient care accounted for only 10 to 15 percent of hospital revenue; today, it's closer to 60 percent," said Patrick Duke, Senior Vice President with KLMK Group, Richmond, Va. "It's a shift that's been happening across the board, sweeping along academic medical centers, community hospitals, for-profit chains, and not-for-profit providers alike. And it's showing no sign of slowing, especially with advancements in care and changing reimbursement patterns." 

Medical groups and hospitals are demanding spaces that are adaptive with changing needs in the healthcare field. 

Inclusion of family accommodations
Hospitals are beginning to create family accommodation spaces so that patients may have the people that really matter near them. Many hospitals are beginning to look at family as a crucial part of the healing process, which is why family accommodations are necessary. This means that features like family sleeping areas, built-in entertainment features and work stations with internet access. A family accommodation area is not possible for every suite, but for extensive hospital stays, medical practices may want to consider this as an option. 

Quality materials adapt to changing healthcare needs
ASST offers quality material solutions that are designed to meet the needs of a healthcare facility. Adaptive, functional and durable solutions are crucial to fit the needs of a medical practice. From the restrooms to the lobbies, ASST offers comprehensive material solutions that meet federal and state regulations, as well as industry standards. Listed below are a few of the design solutions ASST offers to  healthcare clients:

• Full package Division 6 casework (available in a variety of materials)
• OR paneling
• Trespa™ wall panels
• Toilet partitions
• SCULPTCOR®  wall panel system (with hard seam joints)
• Modular Vanity™ System
• MatchLine™ Stainless Sinks
• Cradle™ Baby Bowl

ASST offers a comprehensive listing of quality solutions for healthcare facilities. If you're looking for more information, visit www.asst.com or contact ASST architectural support 717.630.1251 x305.

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