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Facilitating safety and strong patient care in medical centers with design

Many medical centers across the nation are under construction or being renovated to provide patients and staff a superior space to inhabit. However, how are those designs working to promote the safety and comfort of the individuals being treated? Various sections of a hospital or medical centers with one designated treatment purpose may have differentiating needs in terms of design. 

Creating safe and comfort at psychiatric hospitals
For most architects and designers in charge of creating a psychiatric hospital, the focus is on eliminating potential safety hazards. However, that must not be the entire purpose behind the design or the therapeutic qualities of the treatment there will be reduced due to the institutional atmosphere of the structure, reported Healthcare Design Magazine. 

In 1812 Samuel Tuke wrote a description of York Retreat, an institution for the mentally ill in York, England, that was founded by his grandfather William Tuke. His description of the design of the structure indicates a belief that the atmosphere and interior of the structure was hindering patients' treatments. 

"Many errors in the construction, as well as in the management, of asylums for the insane appear to arise from excessive attention to safety. … In the construction of such places, cure and comfort ought to be as much considered as security," Tuke wrote, according to the source.

Designers for medical centers, especially those for psychiatric facilities, must keep in mind both safety considerations and creating a therapeutic environment. Even the healthiest individual can feel glum, tired and anxious due to atmosphere – a facility that doesn't foster healing could be even more damaging to those who are already suffering. 

Use durable, nature-inspired materials in medical centers
At ASST, we are dedicated to providing designers and contractors with access to the high-quality materials that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Interior finishes in healthcare centers require both characteristics, which can create some challenges. ASST can help design professionals and architects meet these challenges by providing quality solutions. We have a complete product line that includes solid surface, translucent resin materials as well as millwork and plastic laminate.

Listed below are just a few of the design solutions we offer our healthcare clients:

• Full package Division 6 casework 
• OR paneling
• Trespa™ wall panels
• Toilet partitions
• SCULPTCOR® wall panel system 
• Modular Vanity™ System
• MatchLine™ Stainless Sinks
• Cradle™ Baby Bowl

For further information on ASST's comprehensive offerings for health care, visit www.asst.com or contact ASST architectural support 717.630.1251 x305.

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