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Design for infection prevention and easy maintenance in healthcare environments

Preventing the spread of infections and diseases in medical centers is a primary goal for those in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals, interior designers and architects are working together to design spaces that will help decrease the likelihood of a disease spreading.

The importance of working conditions in healthcare
According to Health Facilities Management Magazine, medical spaces must provide good working conditions for professionals and surfaces that do not facilitate the transmission of pathogens. Infection control and prevention are key qualities in any medical center or hospital.

As Jennie Evans, R.N., LEED AP, EDAC, vice president at design firm HKS, Dallas, stated, "design is married to operations."

The use of high-quality solid surface materials that will decrease the spread of disease is a crucial component of any design.

"We need materials and surfaces that can withstand the types of cleaning that we have to do in health care environments," said Linda L. Dickey, R.N., MPH, CIC, director of epidemiology and infection prevention, University of California–Irvine, according to the news source. "For furnishings, we're looking for materials that won't easily deteriorate or crack or break, so that we can appropriately clean them. We have to clean with frequency and clean with chemicals that, for right now, are pretty hard on surfaces, and so we need materials that are resilient."

Bathroom vanity solutions for healthcare facilities
Hospitals or other medical centers looking for the right solution may want to consider specifying ASST's Modular Vanity™ System. Bathrooms are some of the hardest places to not only clean but make compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Created by ASST, this innovative wall hung vanity system utilizes a sturdy aluminum and polyethylene support structure with a thermoformed 1/4" thick removable (solid surface or resin) front panel allowing for easy access to plumbing. The vanity system is available in 30" wide increments and includes both a backsplash, side panels and an integral sink bowl. 

Easy to clean, these units are the ideal solution for a medical center or hospital because they help decrease the spread of diseases. To learn more, contact architectural support at ASST: 717.630-1251 x305 or go online and visit www.asst.com.

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