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Adaptive interior design grows in healthcare sector

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change in terms of technologies and process. New systems are being put in place in rapid succession and interior designers who specialize in building unique healthcare facilities are trying to create more adaptive spaces. 

Using adaptive, sustainable design in medical facilities
According to Contract Design Magazine, approximately 170,000 commercial buildings are constructed each year in the U.S. and another 44,000 commercial structures are demolished. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that 48 percent of the waste stream created each year in the nation comes from building-related construction and demolition debris. This fact has led many interior designers, architects and contractors to reconsider their creation of specialized spaces. 

Together, these two trends are combining to create an overall movement toward creating adaptive sustainability. Those experts in the commercial construction and related industries are working together to build new or renovate old structures with a more adaptive design that can be modernized in the future without too much difficulty. 

Because the healthcare industry is in an almost constant state of flux and changes at such a rapid pace, it's important that medical facilities are designed with adaptability in mind. The right materials, floor plan and interior design can be created by professionals to support the creation of medical facilities that can be easily renovated to meet the changes needs of the industry. 

How to achieve adaptive, sustainable design
By renovating older medical facilities and using quality materials, a healthcare facility can achieve this balance for greater sustainability and operational efficiency. The experts at ASST have created a wide range of solutions for constructing high-quality medical centers. It is possible to achieve adaptive design without forgoing sustainability with the help of ASST. Our materials and design solutions are made to fit the changing needs of a healthcare facility. 

Listed below are just a few of the design solutions we offer our healthcare clients:

• Full package Division 6 casework (available in a variety of materials)
• OR paneling
• Trespa™ wall panels
• Toilet partitions
• SCULPTCOR®  wall panel system (with hard seam joints)
• Modular Vanity™ System
• MatchLine™ Stainless Sinks
• Cradle™ Baby Bowl 

ASST offers a comprehensive listing of quality solutions for healthcare facilities. If you're looking for more information, visit www.asst.com or contact ASST architectural support 717.630.1251 x305. 

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