The future of innovative meeting rooms

The traditional corporate spaces are getting a makeover. Offices, lobbies and meeting spaces are being transformed into innovative spaces that promote a happy, successful corporate culture. As a hub of innovation, meeting spaces are especially important because they are "social generators" intended to be inspiring spaces for creating strategies with co-workers to support the success of a business.

Heavybit Industries office in San Francisco, California, has undergone a renovation and interior design overhaul that makes their meeting spaces unique, sparking the imaginations of workers. Retail Design Blog reported that the second and third floor meeting rooms have been placed in an open environment and feature geometric ceiling designs amidst the lights that are both artistic and practical. Workers in the office are able to look up and brain storm about new client solutions and procedure updates.

SCULPTCOR® by ASST is a patented thermoformed architectural wall panel system that takes inspiration from diverse elements and forms found in nature. Perfect for creating inspiring accent walls in meeting spaces, the panel system is fabricated from non-porous, durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean solid surface.

The wall panel sizes are 24"x64" nominally and are presently available in three standard patterns: Twist, Wave and Smooth. Panel reveals can be specified either straight or curved in five (5) standard colors: pure white, cream, warm white, frozen white and white lotus. Additional colors and special panel sizes are available. The largest uncut pressed panel size available is 29.5" x 72".

SCULPTCOR by ASST can be utilized in a variety of project applications such as wall panels, column covers, retail facades, elevator cladding, casework, ceiling panels and furniture. Complete Autodesk 3D REVIT file and 2D standard details and specifications are available for download.

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