Sustainable design means investing in durable, high-quality materials

The growth in interest in green construction is changing the way commercial property owners are looking at design. No longer is an office space intended just for meetings and conference calls, now it is also acting as a corporate sustainability statement. Companies are being asked by stakeholders and the greater public about how green their offices are. As a result, green construction is on the rise across the nation as interior designers, architects and contractors look to install features into office buildings that are durable and economical. 

How much is the green construction market worth?
According to the McGraw-Hill Construction's 2013 Dodge Construction Green Outlook report, the value of green building has seen considerable growth. In 2005, approximately $10 billion was spent on green construction, by 2011 this had risen to $78 billion. In 2012 the green share of the construction market increased more to $85 billion and by 2013 it is expected to be worth between $98 and $106 billion. By 2016, this number is predicted to rise even more to between $204 to $248 billion. 

"We're seeing tremendous growth in green building, providing a bright light in an otherwise uncertain economy," said Harvey M. Bernstein, vice president, Industry Insights and Alliances for McGraw-Hill Construction, according to the press release. "Not only does this mean a strong outlook for green building, but also the benefits that go along with that: more jobs, greater financial benefits from green and high performance buildings, stronger competitive positioning for those firms that build green, and healthier work and learning environments for our population." 

Invest in smart, durable materials with ASST
Bathrooms are very obviously some of the more disease and bacteria-prone areas in an office. The number of people using the space, plus the presence of water can result in the growth of mildew and mold and the spread of viruses. ASST's Modular Vanity™ System can help reduce this and promote greater sustainability in an office environment. The durable solution utilizes a sturdy aluminum and polyethylene support structure and a solid surface material for the backsplash, side panels and integral sink bowl. The construction of this innovative solution is solid, which leads to increased durability and thereby increases sustainability. To learn more, contact architectural support at ASST: 717.630-1251 x305 or go online and visit www.asst.com.

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