Reception desk design trends

Reception desks are a hub of activity for most businesses. This is often the first interaction a current or potential customer has with a company and will likely contribute to his or her first impression of the organization. As a result, it is crucial that the front desk demonstrate the organizational skills and dedication to great customer service found at a business. To do this, the right combination of materials and design trends can be used. 

Hidden workspaces create streamlined reception desks
Too often, stacks of paper, appointment books, technology and coffee cups can stack up on a reception desk. Therefore, it's important to create a workspace that hides these typical workspace attributes without blocking an administrator or secretary's face from a customer's view. This means that the partition or scale of the desk should be high enough to create a barrier so all of these items are hidden from view, but not so high that the reception desk creates an impersonal space. According to the HOUZZ.com front desk trend's page, creating a shelf that overhangs the desk will block most people from looking directly at a potential eye sore, while providing them somewhere to use as a flat surface to write appointments down or use as a ledge to dig through a purse. 

Create an engaging space
What type of office is this reception desk serving? The interior design of a front desk can provide a potential or current customer with a more concrete opinion about the brand of a company. For example, a pediatrician's office may want to use bright primary colors to accent key features and attract the attention of children. In contrast, a law firm may find it better to use more modern earth tones and textured materials that give off a more serious vibe. 

Using strong, versatile materials
By using the right combination of materials, a reception desk can better demonstrate the personality of a brand and allow a company to artfully handle clients as they walk through the front door. At ASST, we understand the reception desk needs of a company. What may seem like a trivial detail in the greater scheme of an office design is actually a crucial component for ensuring customers are treated well and business is handled in a productive manner. 

SCULPTCOR® by ASST is a thermoformed architectural wall panel system that has already proven successful in a number of corporate environments. The wall panels are available in three standards patterns: Twist, wave and smooth, and in five standard colors, including: Pure white, cream, warm white, frozen white and white lotus. It is the ideal solution for crafting the ideal reception desk workspace. 

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