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Multiple textures used in surface designs

Office spaces are getting facelifts across the nation as building operators and businesses look to incorporate new materials for greater efficiency, durability and style. Retail Design Blog reported that many of the older factories and brick buildings present in mill communities or in older sections of cities are being renovated for office space. The large square footage of these structures provide architectural features of previous decades that make them unique and sought after. 

Diverse use of textured materials in office designs
Many designers are working to incorporate portions of the original building's features in office spaces. For example, concrete columns, steel-roof beams and brick accent walls are all style components of these modern spaces. The use of a wide variety of materials allows for greater texture to enter the design. The mixture of concrete, steel and wood creates warmth in the design and provides it with both modern efficiency and historic flare. 

The CREATIVE OFFICE! REPUBLIC is an office that was constructed last year to include wood and solid white walls with fun accent colors on the floors and walls of bright red and blue. The source reported that the structure was outfitted with a partition system so that workers could have a stable environment in which to conduct business. 

Invest in proven surface performance
Regardless of the design aesthetic an office is trying to achieve, there is a durable, stylish solution available to businesses. SCULPTCOR™ by ASST is a durable wall panel system with proven performance characteristics. The versatility of the material provides someone with the ability to achieve a unique design, which means various textures and hues are available to pick from. SCULPTCOR™ is a patented thermoformed architectural wall panel system. It is fabricated from a non-porous, durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean solid surface. This provides an office with a wall unit that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. 

The wall panel sizes are 24"x64" nominally and are currently available in three standard patterns: Twist, wave and smooth. Panel reveals can be specified as either straight or curved in five standard colors: Pure white, cream, warm white, frozen white and white lotus. The color selection available, combined with the various patterned options, really makes designing a multi-textured office space easy to attain. 

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