Are you designing for a creative or a traditional office space?

More and more companies are looking to put their branding mark on the office spaces they are inhabiting. Take for example Google's office in New York City, New York. This tech-giant is known for its over-the-top perks, but did you know the company also outfits its offices with unique features that are intended to stimulate the imaginations of workers and create a fun atmosphere?

Google's New York City office has desirable features like a make-it-yourself snack and sandwich bar, an open-area recreation room, a computer museum, a LEGO wall and a scrolling screen showing recent searches people are making on the search engine. While all of these characteristics are fun, not every office can have such an out-of-the box appeal. Typically, companies in the financial industry or other, more traditional industries, try to take a much more conservative design approach.

Regardless of design style, selecting a durable wall panel system with proven performance characteristics such as SCULPTCOR™ by ASST will provide exceptional versatility because of its various textures and characteristics. SCULPTCOR is a patented thermoformed architectural wall panel system that takes inspiration from diverse elements and forms found in nature. The system is fabricated from non-porous, durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean solid surface. For more traditional offices, even a simple accent wall with SCULPTCOR wall panels can bring a modern twist to a typical interior office space.

SCULPTCOR by ASST can be utilized in a variety of project applications such as wall panels, column covers, retail facades, elevator cladding, casework, ceiling panels and furniture. Complete Autodesk SEEK™ 3D REVIT file and 2D standard details and specifications are available for download. Please visit the Autodesk SEEK website for more information.

The wall panel sizes are 24"x64" nominally and are presently available in three standard patterns: Twist, Wave and Smooth. Panel reveals can be specified either straight or curved in five (5) standard colors: pure white, cream, warm white, frozen white and white lotus.  There are no minimum orders. Please contact project estimating for pricing. Additional colors and special panel sizes are available. The largest uncut pressed panel size available is 29.5" x 72" Please contact ASST at 717.630.1251 x305 for architectural support or x307 for specific project estimating assistance.

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