Laboratory Casework Solutions – Mitigating Health & Safety Issues When Renovating Research Facilities

Research LabThe planning of renovations to laboratories can be time consuming, expensive and disruptive to end users. Most academic institutions and corporate research organizations respond to the legitimate demands of individual researchers to make improvements. Qualified laboratory design architects and engineers need to provide valuable advice on casework to achieve good performance and flexibility for the future.

Sometimes because of capital budget constraints or convenience, facilities engineers only treat the symptoms. They sometimes lose sight of the causes that can adversely affect the health of all occupants. For example, poor ventilation and chemical leaks/spills can corrode metal laboratory casework. Rusty hinges and hardware can create safety issues. Cabinet shelves and doors can fall and create additional chaos. Once chemicals have corroded metal casework shelves, they are almost impossible to keep clean and can create hazardous conditions.

To minimize the above issues, ASST has now partnered with TMI Systems as a dealer for their line of casework. Based in North Dakota, TMI is a leader in high quality plastic laminate modular casework fabrication. Their modular casework products feature rail-mounted overhead cabinets and forward-thinking reconfigurable base cabinets. Laboratory planners and engineers can now specify casework that can achieve good performance and flexibility for the future. With Autodesk 3D BIM software, design professionals are able to more thoroughly document planning decisions in drawings used in the approval process. With cutting edge computer 3D renderings, end users can understand the proposed designs even better. With the new TMI/ASST alliance, design professionals are providing solutions that can truly evolve with end user needs.

Let us assist you with your next lab casework project! Whatever you need, ASST can build it to your exact specifications, in a safe manner, and to the quality standards you expect. Contact us now online or call us at 717-630-1251.

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